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Free Printable Resources

Our printable toolbox of free resources is available for parents and professionals. These tools aim to help organize, inform, and support parent and teacher-advocates of students with disabilities. Our goal is always to provide a collaborative platform to ensure all students receive an appropriate and successful educational experience.  

Info-Sheets and Inserts

Image by Atikah Akhtar
Section 504 vs. IEP: What's the difference?

This printable guide highlights the differences between an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and a Section 504 Plan

A Guide for Writing SMART Goals

Use this colorful guide to help understand the  SMART framework of goal writing for IEPs and overall progress.

6 Ways to Maximize Parent Advocacy

Created for parents, these six strategies will help you organize and empower your role as a parent advocate at your child's next IEP meeting.

Image by Headway
10 Questions to Ask at an IEP Meeting

Make sure these questions are on the table at your next IEP meeting.  Knowing the answers add to the keys of success for advocacy.

Student Writing
5 Guidelines for an Effective PLAAFP

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, sections of an IEP. Following these guidelines is important for efficiency.


New Jersey Special Education Timelines

Download this helpful insert for parents and professionals to help navigate the various timelines for special education  procedures and processes.

"Home Instruction" vs. "Remote Learning"

This comprehensive guide is a great resource for learning more about the similarities and differences of home-based programs.

Business Meeting
4 Ways to Encourage Parent Input

Created for educators, this infographic offers strategies for encouraging parent input and participation throughout the special education process.   

New Jersey Rules for Special Education

A charted list of highlighted 'rules' for special education that was published by the

NJ Department of Education

The ABCs of
Special Education

A list of common acronyms used to describe special education services, programs, classifications, and laws.

Forms & Worksheets

Daily To-Do for
Remote Learning

Organize daily assignments to help keep track of what needs to be completed each day and/or on a weekly basis. 

Business People in Meeting
Contact Log for
Parent Advocates

Keep track of the key people at your child’s school that you will likely be in contact with during the year. 

Online Tutorial
Weekly Schedule for Remote Learning

Establish a weekly routine for remote learning. List the times and subjects they should follow in order to maintain consistency.

Progress Tracking for Remote Learning

Keep track of your child's activities and assignments sent home for remote learning during school closures for COVID-19.

Image by Ross Sneddon
IEP At-a-Glance Worksheets

A helpful tool for parents and educators for narrowing the scope of an IEP and ensuring accuracy of its development.

IEP Check-Up List for Parent Advocates

IEP check-up checklist with tips for easing your mind and starting the school year off with success!

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